The Ultimate Guide to Suede: Everything You Need to Know


Suede is a type of leather that is popular for its soft, supple texture. It has a unique finish that sets it apart from other materials, making it a favorite among fashion enthusiasts. This article will explore everything you need to know about suede – from its origin and history to its uses in fashion and accessories. Whether you’re a fashionista or simply want to learn more about this popular material, this guide has everything you need.

Origin of Suede

Suede has been around for centuries. The term “suede” comes from the French word “gants de Suede,” which means “gloves from Sweden.” The material was originally used to make gloves, but it eventually caught on as a popular material for jackets, pants, and other clothing items.

It wasn’t until the 20th century that suede became a mainstream material. In the 1960s and 1970s, suede became a staple of the hippie movement, with celebrities like Jane Birkin and Joni Mitchell sporting suede jackets and skirts. Since then, suede has remained a popular material for clothing and accessories, thanks to its unique texture and finish.

Durability of Suede

Suede is known for its soft texture, but some people worry that it may not be as durable as other materials. However, with proper care, suede can last for years. It’s important to remember that suede is a type of leather, so it is naturally durable. With proper care and maintenance, you can extend the life of your suede garments and accessories.

When it comes to comparing suede to other materials, it can be difficult to make a direct comparison. Suede is a unique material with its own benefits and drawbacks. Some people prefer the soft texture of suede over other leathers, while others may prefer a more structured material.

The key to making suede last is to take proper care of it. This includes avoiding contact with water and other liquids, using a suede brush to remove dirt and debris, and storing it in a cool, dry place when not in use. With these precautions, your suede items can last for years.

Fashion Trends Using Suede

Suede has remained popular in the world of fashion, thanks to its unique texture and finish. If you’re looking to incorporate suede into your wardrobe, there are a few key trends to keep in mind.

One popular trend is the suede jacket. Whether you prefer a classic biker jacket or a more modern bomber style, there’s a suede jacket to suit any style. Suede jackets look great with a variety of outfits, from jeans and a t-shirt to a flowy sundress.

Another trend is suede skirts and dresses. A suede skirt can add an unexpected touch of texture to any outfit, while a suede dress can be a standout piece for any occasion.

If you’re not ready to commit to a full suede outfit, accessories are a great way to incorporate the material into your wardrobe. Suede boots, bags, and hats are all popular options that can add a touch of texture to any look.

Pros and Cons of Suede

As with any material, there are pros and cons to using suede. Some of the benefits of suede include its soft, supple texture, its unique finish, and its durability when properly cared for. Suede can also add an unexpected touch of texture to any outfit, making it a popular choice for fashion enthusiasts.

However, there are also some drawbacks to using suede. It is more difficult to care for than other materials, and is susceptible to damage from water and other liquids. It may also require more frequent cleaning and maintenance than other materials, which can be inconvenient for some people.

How Suede is Made

Suede is made from the underside of animal hides, typically from cows or goats. The material is then sanded and buffed to create its signature soft texture. The suede manufacturing process can vary depending on the type of animal hide being used, but typically involves several steps, including washing, tanning, and finishing.

There are several methods used to produce suede, including splitting, rasping, and buffing. Each method produces a slightly different texture and finish, making it important to choose the right method for the desired final product.

Supplies and materials required for manufacturing suede include animal hides, water, chemicals for tanning and finishing, and specialized equipment for sanding and buffing the material.

The Best Suede Accessories

If you’re looking for the best suede accessories on the market, there are several options to choose from. Suede boots are a popular choice, thanks to their soft texture and durability. Suede bags and backpacks are also a great option for anyone looking to add a touch of texture to their outfit.

Suede hats, gloves, and scarves are also popular options that can add a touch of texture to any look. When choosing suede accessories, it’s important to pay attention to quality and durability, as well as overall style and fit.


Suede is a unique material that has been popular for centuries. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of texture to your outfit or simply want to learn more about this popular material, this guide has everything you need to know. From its origin and history to its use in fashion and accessories, suede is a material that will likely remain popular for years to come.

If you’re considering adding suede to your wardrobe, be sure to invest in high-quality items and take proper care to keep them looking their best. With the right care and maintenance, suede can last for years, making it a worthwhile investment for any fashion lover.

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