Driving on the Left: A Guide to Left-Hand Traffic in 5 Countries

Driving on the left side of the road can be daunting for many drivers. In this article, we explore which 5 countries have left-hand traffic. We also provide essential tips for adapting to left-hand traffic and navigating the unique traffic rules of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom. Learn about the cultural and historical significance of left-hand traffic and the evolution and future trends of this quirky traffic rule.

Are There Casinos in Japan? Exploring Japan’s Complex Relationship with Gambling

Are there casinos in Japan? With the legalization of integrated resorts, Japan’s complicated relationship with gambling is on the verge of a significant change. From the popularity of pachinko parlors to the potential economic and tourism benefits of a thriving casino industry, this article explores the history, cultural and political factors, and future of Japan’s unique casino scene.

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