The Bible in Hotels: A History, Purpose, and Ethical Debate

Why do hotels have Bibles in their rooms? This article delves into the history, practical purpose, cultural context, guest perspective, ethical debate, alternative literature, and international perspectives related to this issue. Is it a reflection of the predominantly Christian society, a marketing tool for religious guests, or an imposition of beliefs on diverse guests? Explore the arguments and perspectives on this controversial topic.

Why Don’t Hotels Have a 13th Floor? The Superstition Explained

Have you ever wondered why hotels tend to skip the 13th floor? This article examines the origins of this superstition, the psychology behind it, tips for dealing with its absence, and guest reactions. By understanding the reasons behind this omission, we gain a glimpse into how superstitions continue to shape our lives.

New Casinos Coming to Las Vegas: A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Resorts & Features

The latest article brings the latest information on the new casinos that are coming to Las Vegas soon, the features, designs, and strategies that the new resorts will follow, and how it will impact the city’s economy and tourism industry. Read on to find out.

What Casinos Are Left in Atlantic City? A Guide to the Remaining Options

From the Borgata and the Golden Nugget to newer additions like the Hard Rock and Ocean Casino Resort, we explore what casinos are left in Atlantic City and what they have to offer. Find out how COVID-19 has impacted the industry, how to maximize your chances of winning, and which hotels are the best for your visit.

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