Why Abortion Should Be Banned: A Moral, Health, Economic, Religious, and Political Perspective

This article explores the reasons why abortion should be banned, from a moral, health, economic, religious, and political standpoint. It discusses the impact on society from all angles as to why abortions are immoral, the health risks caused by it, the benefits of adoption as an alternative, the economic impact, and religious and political perspectives on the matter.

Why Is Gambling Illegal: The Social, Economic, and Moral Impacts

This article explores why gambling is illegal due to its social, economic, and moral impacts. It also covers regulatory reasons, legal aspects, and public safety reasons. With a call to action for readers to take a stance against gambling, this article serves as an informative guide to the issues surrounding the topic.

Exploring the Gambling Landscape of Nebraska: Casinos, Benefits, Addiction, and Tribal Gaming

Nebraska has strict gambling regulations, allowing only a state-regulated lottery, pari-mutuel horseracing, and games of skill. However, Nebraska has two tribally run casinos and some legal bingo and keno halls. This article discusses the pros and cons of casinos in Nebraska and explores tribal gaming in the state.

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