The Importance of Handwashing in Food Handling: When Should Food Handlers Wash Their Hands?

This article highlights the importance of proper handwashing techniques in food handling jobs. It covers when food handlers need to wash their hands, how to maintain healthy hygiene, and what important activities require handwashing. The article also stresses the importance of practicing proper hygiene and making handwashing a habit.

The Top 5 TCS Foods You Need to Know for Safe Food Handling

Learn about the top 5 TCS foods that require special attention in the kitchen for safe food handling, why proper handling is important, characteristics that make TCS foods susceptible to contamination and how to prevent contamination. Get tips on identifying TCS foods in your kitchen and storage/preparation techniques for TCS foods. Seek expert advice on safe handling and learn why implementing these practices can protect public health and prevent foodborne illnesses.

The Importance of Proper Storage Practices to Prevent Cross-Contamination

Learn how to prevent cross-contamination in food storage practices. Proper labeling and organizing, avoiding cross-contact and contamination, understanding potential sources of cross-contamination, taking action and regularly cleaning storage areas are the keys to ensure food safety and avoid health hazards. Implementing proper food storage practices will keep individuals healthy and businesses compliant with food safety regulations.

5 Approved Methods for Storing In-Use Utensils: A Guide for Food Service Professionals

This article details the dos and don’ts of proper in-use utensil storage, reviews five methods for approved storage of in-use utensils and offers tips from food safety experts. It also highlights the significant impact of improper storage and emphasizes the importance of training and maintaining safe food handling and storage practices for food service professionals.

Does CBD Show Up on a Blood Test? Understanding Drug Screening and CBD Use

This article is a comprehensive guide aimed at promoting awareness among users of cannabidiol (CBD) regarding its detectability in drug tests. It addresses different types of drug screening, the intricacies of detecting the CBD compound in screening tests, and the debunking of myths on CBD use in drug screening. It further suggests the best practices for using CBD products and how to avoid testing positive in drug screening tests.

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