The London Fog Tea Latte: What It Is, How to Make It, and Why You’ll Love It

Discover the London Fog tea latte: what it is, how to make it, and why it’s become a beloved staple in tea culture. Learn about the drink’s origins, variations, and cultural significance, and explore the many ways you can incorporate it into your day. From mornings to cozy nights in, the London Fog tea latte is the perfect beverage for any occasion.

Indulging in Affogato: Everything You Need to Know About The Italian Delight

Indulge in Affogato and learn where it comes from, how to make it, and how to pair it with desserts. Get a fun, informative guide on the science behind Affogato’s perfect blend of espresso and ice cream, including the health benefits of caffeine, a step-by-step guide, and tips to help perfect your creation-packed with unique twists, variations, and recommendations for the best Affogato spots worldwide.

The Amount of Caffeine in a Shot of Espresso: How Much is Safe?

Are you a coffee lover who can’t do without a shot of espresso? This guide offers a comprehensive exploration of just how much caffeine is in that little cup, with everything from the risks and benefits of drinking espresso to the science behind flavor and caffeine content. We also discuss how to determine your caffeine intake and how much is safe.

How Many Milliliters Are in a Shot? Understanding the Types and Sizes of Shots

Learn about how shots are measured in ml, the most popular types of shots, the pros and cons of different shot sizes, and the history and science of this popular way to consume alcohol and caffeine. Get tips for measuring shots accurately at home and find out whether paying more for a large shot is really worth the extra cost. Explore the evolution of shot sizes over time and the science behind how different ml amounts of alcohol and caffeine can affect the body.

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