The Ultimate Guide to Mystic Lake Casino’s Smoke-Free Policy


Mystic Lake Casino, located in Prior Lake, Minnesota, is a popular destination for gamblers and entertainment seekers alike. In 2018, Mystic Lake made the decision to become a smoke-free casino, a move that was met with both support and criticism. In this article, we will explore the reasoning behind Mystic Lake’s smoke-free policy, its implementation process, and the impact it has had on guests and the casino.

The Ultimate Guide to Mystic Lake Casino’s Smoke-Free Policy

The reasoning behind the smoke-free policy

Mystic Lake’s decision to become a smoke-free casino was driven by a desire to create a healthier environment for employees and guests. A significant portion of Mystic Lake’s staff and guests are non-smokers, and secondhand smoke exposure poses health risks that the casino felt were unacceptable. Additionally, studies have shown that smoke-free policies can improve air quality, reduce cleaning costs, and lead to greater employee satisfaction.

The implementation process

Mystic Lake’s transition to smoke-free took place over several months, with the final policy taking effect in October 2018. The casino worked closely with staff, guests, and the local community to ensure a smooth and successful transition. Signs were put up around the casino to inform guests of the new policy, and special smoking areas were designated outside the building.

Guest reactions and feedback

The reaction from guests was mixed, with some expressing disappointment and others welcoming the change. Mystic Lake conducted a survey several months after the smoke-free policy took effect, and the results showed an overall increase in guest satisfaction. The casino also reported a decrease in the number of guest complaints related to smoking.

Other smoking-related policies at Mystic Lake Casino

In addition to the smoke-free policy, Mystic Lake also prohibits smoking on their outdoor patios and prohibits smoking in hotel rooms. The casino offers smoking areas outside the building and provides ashtrays and receptacles for cigarette butts.

Clearer Air, Happier Guests: The Benefits of Smoke-Free Casinos

National trends of smoke-free casinos and their benefits

Smoke-free casinos are a growing trend across the country, with more and more casinos implementing smoke-free policies. The benefits of such policies are numerous, including improved air quality, reduced cleaning costs, and increased employee satisfaction and health.

Secondhand smoke exposure and its health risks

Secondhand smoke exposure is a proven health risk, causing respiratory problems, heart disease, and cancer. Employees and guests at casinos, where smoking is common, are especially at risk for such health problems.

Improved air quality

Smoke-free policies lead to significant improvements in air quality, which benefits both employees and guests. Smoking bans have been shown to reduce the levels of harmful air pollution by up to 90 percent.

Greater guest satisfaction and increased business

Casinos that implement smoke-free policies often see an increase in business due to greater guest satisfaction. Non-smokers are more likely to visit a smoke-free casino, and smokers who are sensitive to smoke may choose a smoke-free casino over one that allows smoking.

Exclusive Insight: An Interview with Mystic Lake Casino’s CEO about their Smoke-Free Transition

CEO’s perspective on the decision-making process

We had the opportunity to speak with Mystic Lake Casino’s CEO, Pam Wheelock, about the casino’s decision to become smoke-free. Wheelock explained that the decision was driven by a desire to create a healthier environment for employees and guests.

The impact of the smoke-free policy on the casino’s operations and finances

Wheelock reported that the smoke-free policy has not had a significant impact on the casino’s operations or finances. While there was some initial concern that the policy would lead to decreased revenue, this has not been the case.

Guest feedback and how it has influenced the casino’s future plans

Guest feedback has been mixed, but the overall response has been positive. Wheelock stated that the casino is always looking for ways to improve the guest experience and that they are considering additional changes to further enhance their smoke-free environment.

The Best Smoke-Free Casinos to Visit in the United States

Overview of top smoke-free casinos in the country

Smoke-free casinos are becoming more popular across the country, and there are now many options for those who prefer a smoke-free environment. Some of the top smoke-free casinos in the United States include Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, Turning Stone Resort Casino in New York, and Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa in Nevada.

Mystic Lake Casino’s inclusion as one of the top choices

Mystic Lake Casino has quickly become a top choice for those seeking a smoke-free casino experience. The casino offers a wide range of gaming options, dining choices, and entertainment, all in a smoke-free environment.

Unique features and amenities of each smoke-free casino

Each smoke-free casino offers its own unique features and amenities, from luxurious spas to top-notch restaurants and bars. No matter what your preferences, there is a smoke-free casino out there that is perfect for you.

From Smoky to Smoke-Free: The Journey of Mystic Lake Casino

The challenges and successes of the transition to smoke-free

Mystic Lake faced some initial challenges when transitioning to a smoke-free environment. There was concern that guests would be unhappy with the change and that revenue would decrease, but that has not been the case. The casino has successfully created a healthier environment for employees and guests while maintaining its reputation as a top entertainment destination.

The casino’s commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all guests

Mystic Lake Casino is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all guests. By going smoke-free, the casino has taken a step towards creating a healthier, more pleasant environment for everyone who visits.

Future plans for continued improvements

Mystic Lake has no plans to revert to a smoking-friendly environment. The casino is constantly seeking ways to improve the guest experience, and feedback from guests will play an important role in future changes to the casino’s policies and amenities.


Summary of key points

Mystic Lake Casino’s smoke-free policy was implemented in 2018 as part of a commitment to creating a healthier environment for employees and guests. Guest feedback has been mixed but overall positive. Smoke-free policies have been shown to improve air quality and increase guest satisfaction, and Mystic Lake has quickly become a top choice for those seeking a smoke-free casino experience.

Final thoughts on Mystic Lake Casino’s smoke-free policy and the broader trend of smoke-free casinos.

Mystic Lake Casino’s decision to go smoke-free reflects a broader trend towards creating healthier, more pleasant casino environments. With more and more casinos adopting smoke-free policies, there are now many options for those who prefer a smoke-free experience. Mystic Lake Casino has set a standard for smoke-free casinos and is sure to inspire others to follow their lead.

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