Is Harrington Casino Closed? An Exploration of its Impact on the Community and Possible Solutions


On September 30, 2020, Harrington Casino closed its doors permanently, leaving many members of the Delaware community wondering why and what the future holds for the property. In this article, we aim to explore the impact of the closure on the community, the reasons behind the casino’s struggles, and possible solutions for its future. Our goal is to help the community understand the implications of the closure and encourage community involvement in finding solutions.

“Harrington Casino Shuts its Doors: What This Means for the Community”

The closure of Harrington Casino has been met with mixed reactions from the community. On one hand, many are disappointed to lose a beloved entertainment venue and concerned about the economic impact on the surrounding area. On the other hand, there were concerns about the social and health impacts of gambling, and the closure may be seen as a positive change by some.

The impact on local businesses and employees has been particularly severe. Many small businesses in the area relied on the casino for foot traffic and customers, and the closure has caused a ripple effect throughout the community. Additionally, over 400 employees lost their jobs, causing financial hardship and uncertainty.

Efforts are underway to reopen the casino, as it is seen as an important source of revenue for the state and a source of entertainment for the community.

“A Look Back at Harrington Casino’s History: From its Grand Opening to its Recent Closure”

The Harrington Casino opened in 1996 and was the first casino in Delaware. Over the years, it has undergone many changes, including expansions and renovations, but it has also faced challenges, such as increased competition from neighboring states and the rise of online gambling. In recent years, the casino has struggled to maintain profitability, leading to its eventual closure in 2020.

“Harrington Casino Employees Speak Out: The Human Cost of the Casino’s Closure”

Employees of Harrington Casino have been deeply affected by the closure. Many have lost not just a job but a community, as the casino was a close-knit place to work. The loss of income has created financial struggles for many, but the emotional toll is just as significant. Personal stories from current and past employees highlight the human cost of the closure and the importance of finding solutions to support those affected.

Efforts are underway to support affected employees through unemployment benefits, job training, and other resources.

“The Future of Gambling in Delaware: What the Harrington Casino Closure Means for the State”

“The Future of Gambling in Delaware: What the Harrington Casino Closure Means for the State”

Delaware has a long history of gambling, with three casinos currently operating in the state. The closure of Harrington Casino has not just affected the local community but has wider implications for the state’s economy and gambling industry. The casino was an important source of revenue for the state, and its closure will have a significant impact on the budget. It also raises questions about the future of gambling in Delaware and whether the state can remain competitive in an increasingly crowded market.

Possible solutions include diversifying the industry, exploring new revenue streams, and investing in online gambling.

“Is Harrington Casino Closed for Good? Exploring Possible Solutions to Reopen the Casino”

Many in the community are hopeful that the casino can be resurrected. There are several possible approaches to reopening the casino, including finding new investors, changing the ownership structure, or repurposing the property. However, each option has its challenges, and there are no easy solutions.

Possible alternate uses for the property include a conference center, hotel, or entertainment complex.

“What Next for Harrington Casino? Experts Weigh in on the Future of the Property”

Industry insiders and economic experts have been closely following the closure of Harrington Casino and offering their opinions on the future of the property. Some predict that the casino will remain closed for good, while others believe that with the right investment and strategy, it could make a comeback.

Alternative solutions for the property’s future use include selling the property to a private developer or creating a public-private partnership.


The closure of Harrington Casino has had a profound impact on the local community and wider state. It is vital that the community comes together to explore solutions and support affected employees. The future of the property remains uncertain, but through collaboration and innovation, there is hope for a revival.

We urge community members to get involved in finding solutions and supporting the community during this challenging time.

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