Argosy Casino Buffet: Satisfy Your Cravings with Dining and Gambling


The Argosy Casino Buffet is a popular dine-in area of the Argosy Casino located in Riverside, Missouri. The customers enjoy all-you-can-eat buffets with a diverse range of food items from classic American fare to international delicacies. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the buffet to suspend operations for some time. Despite this, the Argosy Casino Buffet has reopened and adheres to strict safety protocols to ensure a safe dining experience for customers.

“Satisfy Your Cravings at Argosy Casino Buffet: Here’s What You Need to Know Before Dining In”

If you crave quality food and generous portions, the Argosy Casino Buffet is the perfect destination for you. The buffet operates its services seven days a week starting from 10 am to 8 pm. And the buffet prices range from $16 to $40 per adult, depending on the day of the week. During peak hours, the buffet operation can be busy and, therefore, suggest making a reservation to avoid long wait times. The buffet serves a wide variety of foods and cuisines to the customers. You can enjoy everything from beef briskets and fried chicken to seafood and pasta items. Additionally, the salad bar, soups, and desserts sections are available to complement your meal.

“Argosy Casino Buffet Reopens Its Doors: What to Expect”

“Argosy Casino Buffet Reopens Its Doors: What to Expect”

The Argosy Casino Buffet reopened after the pandemic shutdown with some significant changes to its operations and layout. The company has taken all the necessary precautions per the local and state health guidelines to ensure a safe environment for customers. The casino has implemented new procedures to maintain social distancing and to ensure that surfaces are frequently cleaned and sanitized. Many of the traditional buffet protocols have been modified, including waitstaff serving the dishes to diners. The guests were pleasantly surprised by the new buffet changes and found the food fresh and tasty while still maintaining the safety protocols.

“Is Argosy Casino Buffet Open During COVID-19? Yes, With a Few Changes.”

Yes, Argosy Casino Buffet is open during COVID-19, but there are a few changes that diners should be aware of before planning a visit. First and foremost, masks are mandatory while you are inside the premises, and there are temperature checks at the entrance. Second, the company has made modifications to its operations and layout to ensure a safe dining experience for all. The restaurant follows strict cleaning and sanitization procedures to ensure guests are not at risk of exposure. Lastly, the casino is adhering to local and state guidelines, which may impact seating capacity and dine-in protocols.

“Win Big at Argosy Casino Buffet’s Reopening Weekend”

If you want to enjoy the reopening offers, you can check for the latest promotions available on the casino’s website or inquire with the resort staff. Some promotions or offers may include free slots play, cashback match opportunities, and more. Many diners have had incredible experiences, including winning big at the casino after dining at the buffet. So why not try your luck while enjoying incredible cuisine at the Argosy Casino Buffet?

“What to Try at Argosy Casino Buffet’s All-You-Can-Eat Feast”

If you are wondering which dishes to try at the Argosy Casino Buffet, we have got you covered. The buffet offers a wide variety of items in multiple cuisines, including Asian and American specialties. The seafood section is a must-try for any seafood lover with fresh fish and various shellfish options, including delicious crab legs. The carving station includes favorites like beef brisket, pork ribs, and turkey. The pasta section has a variety of sauces and pasta types. We also recommend trying out their desserts, including various kinds of pie, cheesecakes, and other sweet treats.

“Dining with a View: The Newly Reopened Argosy Casino Buffet”

“Dining with a View: The Newly Reopened Argosy Casino Buffet”

The location of the Argosy Casino Buffet is breathtaking, overlooking the gorgeous Missouri river. The interior design is chic and modern, creating a luxurious ambiance for guests while dining. The seating style spacing conforms to ensure the Covid 19 guidelines are maintained. There are seating arrangements for both small and large groups and includes options for booth seating, tables, and bar seating. The diners rave about the outstanding customer service and attentive and friendly waitstaff.

“Fine Dining Experience at Argosy Casino Buffet: Reservations and Menu Options”

If you are looking for an upscale dining experience at the Argosy Casino Buffet, you can reserve a spot in the fine dining area, which offers a more refined selection of food. The fine dining experience is perfect for special occasions or a sophisticated night out. The menu options are limited and will include some of the best dishes the chef has to offer, such as sophisticated desserts, high-quality meats, and an extensive wine list. It is advisable to reserve the table in advance to secure your dinner at the fine dining section.


The Argosy Casino Buffet is a must-visit destination. It has recently reopened after implementing strict safety measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers can enjoy a wide range of food in a high-end luxurious setting while enjoying views of the Missouri river. From casual to fine dining, the buffets are open seven days a week, offering different options for all food enthusiasts. You can dine with the confidence that the kitchen and staff are following state and local mandates for your safety. So, the next time you are in the vicinity, don’t miss the chance to visit the Argosy Casino Buffet for a gourmet culinary and gambling experience.

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