The Ultimate Guide on How to Do Diamond Casino Heist


The Diamond Casino heist is the biggest and most elaborate crime in the history of GTA Online. But pulling it off requires careful planning and execution. That’s where this guide comes in. Our goal is to help you plan and execute your heist successfully.

Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Pre-Heist Preparation

1. Choosing the Approach

There are three different approaches to choose from: The Big Con, Silent and Sneaky, and Aggressive. Each approach requires a different strategy and crew setup, so make sure you choose one that suits your playstyle.

2. Selecting the Crew Members

Your crew members’ skills and abilities will determine how successful the heist is. Make sure you choose the right people for the job. You can hire different crew members with different skills and abilities, or choose to do the heist solo if you’re feeling adventurous.

3. Scope Out the Casino

Before you initiate the heist, you need to scope out the casino to gather information on its layout, security, and vault contents. This will help you plan your approach and choose the right crew members and equipment. Make sure you scope out all the possible entrance and exit points.

The Heist

1. Infiltration: Entering the Casino

There are several ways to enter the casino, depending on your chosen approach. You can go through the front door, climb onto the roof, or enter through the staff entrance. Be aware of the security cameras and guards.

2. Hacking Devices: To disable alarms and cameras

You’ll need to hack into several devices throughout the casino to disable security measures and avoid triggering alarms. Make sure you have a skilled crew member for this job.

3. The Vault Access Point: Choosing the right one

There are several possible access points to the vault, each requiring a different approach. Make sure you choose the right access point based on your crew’s strengths and weaknesses.

4. Grabbing the Loot

Once you’re inside the vault, you’ll need to quickly grab as much loot as possible before the timer runs out. Keep an eye out for security guards.

5. Your Escape: How to get out of the Casino

Your escape route will depend on your chosen approach and crew setup. Ensure your escape vehicle is in a safe location and use distractions to avoid attracting attention from security.


1. Debrief with your Crew

After the heist, debrief with your crew and distribute the spoils of the heist. Make sure everyone gets a fair share, and decide if you want to repeat the heist or move on to something new.

2. Laying Low

Don’t spend your money too quickly. Lay low for a while and avoid drawing any attention to yourself. Security will be on high alert after the heist.

3. Selling the Loot

You’ll need to sell the loot to turn it into cash. There are several different ways to sell it, each with its own risks and rewards. Make sure you choose the right way for your playstyle and crew.

Tips and Tricks for Experienced Players
Tips and Tricks for Experienced Players

Tips and Tricks for Experienced Players

Insider Knowledge and Strategies

1. Go Solo

Going solo allows you to take 100% of the loot and avoid the need to coordinate with others. But it requires a lot of skill and patience.

2. Play On Hard

Playing on hard mode increases the payout for the heist but also increases the difficulty. Be prepared to face more guards and security measures.

3. Triggering the Alarm

If you’re looking for a greater challenge, try triggering the alarm intentionally. This will attract more guards, but also make the heist more lucrative.

4. Choosing between the Cash, Gold, or Artwork

Each heist will have a different mix of cash, gold, and artwork available. Choose the loot you prefer based on its value and how easy it is to sell. Remember that gold and artwork are more valuable than cash.

Lesser-known Tricks

1. All-out vs. Stealth Approach

You can choose to go all-out and take on the guards head-on, or take a more stealthy approach and avoid being detected. Each has its pros and cons.

2. Invisibility Glitch

There is a glitch that allows you to become invisible during the heist. But be aware that using glitches can get you banned from the game.

3. Grappling Hook

The grappling hook is a useful tool for accessing hard-to-reach places, such as the roof of the casino.

In-Depth Analysis of Each Approach

The Big Con

1. Disguise

The Big Con requires you to disguise yourselves as employees of the casino. This requires a lot of planning and coordination, but can be very lucrative.

2. The Exit

The Big Con’s exit strategy involves using a decoy van to drive out of the casino undetected. Make sure you have a skilled driver for this job.

Silent and Sneaky

1. Securing the Entrance and Exit

Silent and Sneaky requires you to avoid detection at all costs. This means securing the entrances and exits and using a lot of stealth.

2. Disabling Security Measures

Silent and Sneaky requires a skilled hacker to disable security measures throughout the casino.


1. Cutting through Guards

The Aggressive approach requires you to take on the guards head-on. This means using a lot of weapons and explosives, but also the potential for higher payouts.

2. The Vault Drilling

The Aggressive approach requires drilling into the vault, which takes time and attracts a lot of attention. Make sure you have a skilled crew member for this job.

Security and Alarm Bypass Techniques

Security Cameras

1. Avoiding their sights

Avoid the cameras’ line of sight by staying out of their view, using cover, or taking them out with silenced weapons.

2. Hacking them

Hack into the cameras to disable them or loop their footage to create a distraction.

Door Locks

1. Security passes

You can use security passes to access restricted areas and avoid lockpicking. Make sure you’ve scoped out the area to know which passes you’ll need.

2. Lockpicking

Use a skilled crew member to lockpick doors and avoid setting off alarms.

Motion Sensors

1. Distracting them

Use distractions such as noise or explosions to create a diversion and avoid motion sensors.

2. Avoiding them

Avoid the sensors’ line of sight by sneaking or rolling past them.

Best Vehicles and Weapons for the Job
Best Vehicles and Weapons for the Job

Best Vehicles and Weapons for the Job


1. Helicopters

Helicopters allow you to avoid roadblocks and traffic and provide a quick escape route. Make sure you land in a safe location.

2. Motorcycles

Motorcycles are fast and agile and allow you to navigate through traffic and avoid police chases. But they provide little protection.


1. Marksmanship

Use a skilled marksman to take out guards from a distance and avoid getting caught.

2. Explosives

Explosives such as sticky bombs and grenades are useful for taking out groups of guards and creating distractions.


The Diamond Casino Heist is one of the most challenging and exciting adventures in GTA Online. With this guide, we hope to help you plan and execute your heist successfully.

Remember to stay safe and discreet after the heist, and avoid getting caught by the police.

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