Can You Smoke at Ilani Casino? A Guide to Smoking Policies and Alternatives


Ilani Casino is a popular destination for those who enjoy gambling, fine dining, and entertainment. But for smokers, the casino raises some questions about where smoking is and isn’t allowed. In this article, we’ll explore Ilani’s smoking policies and look at some alternatives for those who prefer not to be around smoke.

Clearing The Air: A Guide to Smoking Policies at Ilani Casino

Ilani Casino allows smoking only in designated outdoor areas and several indoor areas, including the casino floor, the Coho Sports Pub, and a designated smoking section in the Muze Lounge. However, smoking is not allowed in any other area of the casino, including the restaurants, retail shops, and public spaces. Additionally, smoking marijuana or other drugs is strictly prohibited anywhere on the premises.

The Debate Over Smoking at Casinos – A Look at Ilani’s Stance

There is a larger debate over whether smoking should be allowed in casinos at all, due to the health risks associated with secondhand smoke exposure. However, Ilani’s stance is that smokers should be allowed to enjoy their habit while gambling, as long as it does not negatively impact nonsmokers. The casino has taken steps to mitigate the effects of smoking, such as ensuring that designated smoking areas are well-ventilated and separated from other areas.

Ilani Casino’s Shift Towards Smoke-Free Gaming

Despite the casino’s permissive stance on smoking, there has been a shift toward smoke-free gaming in recent years. Ilani introduced a smoke-free gaming area in 2019, featuring over 200 slot machines and table games. The area also features a non-smoking bar, The Pacific Northwest Bar, and a non-smoking restaurant, Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse.

The reception from customers has been mixed, with some praising the move as a step in the right direction, and others frustrated that they must leave the gaming floor to smoke.

Fighting for the Right to Smoke at Ilani Casino

Some patrons feel that they should be able to smoke while gambling, arguing that it is their right to do so. However, others feel that they should not have to be exposed to secondhand smoke in order to enjoy the casino experience. Ilani’s policies impact both groups, and the casino must strike a balance between accommodating smokers and protecting nonsmokers.

Protecting Employees: Ilani Casino’s Smoke-Free Workplace Policy

Ilani is committed to protecting their employees from the dangers of secondhand smoke. As a result, the casino has a strict smoke-free workplace policy, which prohibits smoking in all work areas, both indoors and outdoors. The policy also applies to contractors and vendors who work on the premises.

Alternative Activities: Enjoying Ilani Casino Without Smoking

For visitors who prefer not to be around smoke, there are plenty of alternatives at Ilani. The casino offers numerous non-smoking areas, including the aforementioned smoke-free gaming area, as well as the luxury meeting space and the Ilani Ballroom. Additionally, there are nearby attractions like the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge and the Portland International Raceway, as well as other activities like shopping, dining, and entertainment.


Ilani Casino’s smoking policies are designed to strike a balance between accommodating smokers and protecting nonsmokers. While smoking is allowed in certain areas, the trend in recent years has been toward smoke-free gaming. Regardless of one’s feelings about smoking, there are plenty of alternative activities at Ilani for visitors to enjoy without being exposed to secondhand smoke.

When visiting Ilani, it is important to be aware of the smoking policies and to respect the rights of other visitors. Whether a smoker or non-smoker, there is something for everyone at Ilani Casino.

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