Shopping Guide For Swarovski Jewelry And Collectibles

Swarovski is essentially a luxury brand that creates precision-cut jewelries, figurines, and glasses. Founded by Daniel Swarovski in 1895, the Company, Swarovski AG, continues its tradition of creating unparalleled Swarovski pendants, fashion accessories, and collectibles to this very day. And because of its popularity and unmatched beauty, there are many sham online retailers who pose to sell ‘genuine’ Swarovski pendants, necklaces, and other form of jewelries.

If you are planning to shop for a piece of Swarovski jewelry online, we recommend you read this buying guide before you spend even a cent on that seemingly genuine Swarovski item.

Anyone who is new to buying Swarovski necklaces and other Swarovski jewelries can be easily swept away with all the sparkle. After all, to the untrained eye anything that glitters is Swarovski.

But you don’t really have to know all the details about Swarovski just so you can buy a real one. Here are three tips you need to remember when shopping online:

Certificate of authenticity. Before giving your credit card number, ask your seller for a certificate of authenticity. If your seller trades genuine Swarovski jewelry, they must be more than willing to send you a copy of certificate of authenticity that essentially comes with their merchandise’s packaging. Remember, all Swarovski are shipped with this important document.
Look for ‘Swarovski’ logo. This is essentially the seal that you need to look for. If the seller trades a number of classic pieces, you can look for three logos that were used by the Company: The edelweiss flower (Swarovski’s first logo), ‘S.A.L.’, and the popular Swan logo. The latest line of Pandora Charms Cyber Monday jewelry and collectibles has the ‘Swarovski’ name embossed on it, which marks its authenticity.
Ask for warranty. All genuine Swarovski jewelry and collectibles come with the guarantee of warranty. Know your rights; ask the seller about their trade and return policies when buying for Swarovski necklaces and other fashion accessories.

f there is one guarantee you can look for when buying genuine Swarovski jewelry is the reputation of the merchant. Though it is easier to look for Swarovski pieces of online marketplace, it is a public secret that most merchants who sell “affordable” and “budget-friendly” Thomas Sabo Charms Cyber Monday items are sham.

Reliable merchants are essentially powered by trusted shopping platforms, use proven handling and shipping system, and most importantly have refund policy in place. Authentic Swarovski jewelry and other Swarovski collectibles are considered as investment by itself. So make sure that you only deal and shop with a reliable merchant that can give you investment-worthy Swarovski pieces.