The Content of the Technical Inspection of Equipment

The ores, ore concentrates, or intermediate products contain different levels of moisture, the direct weight can not reflect their actual weight (dry weight). Therefore, to correctly calculate the ore and concentrate amount must measure the moisture content. Concentrates moisture determination also has the significance of the quality control. From the point of view of product sales and smelting, mineral water has certain requirements. The specific method of the measurement of moisture of the drying method is to take a certain amount of wet material to place on the oven or furnace plate, and dried to constant weight at a temperature of 105 ± 2 ℃, and then calculate the percentage of the material, it is its moisture content.
As for the beneficiation equipment manufacturers, all the various factors affecting the beneficiation process can be classified as the content of technical inspection. Such as crushing, grinding, particle size of the grading equipment, determination of pulp density and fineness; the inspection and determination of the pulp pH determination and inflated amount, jigger and shaker stroke, stroke frequency determination, the examination and determination of the thickener overflow and filter the water solids content; the cake dried factory concentrates determination of moisture, pharmaceutical preparation concentration and amount of the addition, inspection and adjustment of the discharging end, the measurement of the metal grades of tailings and concentrates in the sorting process and so on.
The technical inspection department in the dressing plant should make arrangement in accordance with the specific conditions and the scale of production and the division of labor as much as possible as well as the actual needs, to select certain items in the above to be the content of the day-to-day the production technical inspection work. The minimum requirements of the technical inspection department are to provide all the necessary data to measure the fruits of production and metal equilibrium statistical.

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