To Accelerate the Development of Slag Grinding Technology

The slag grinding technology is divided into three systems: the ball mill, roller press and roller mill. The ball milling system has the advantages of low technical requirements, simple operation, the disadvantage is the high power consumption, limited drying capacity. The advantages of the roller press system is small power consumption, the disadvantage is small drying capacity, it relies entirely on peripherals for drying, the process is more complex. Roller mill system has the advantage of low power consumption, which is equal to that of the roller press systems, the drying ability is strong, more than 20% of the water can be dried, system process is simple, the inadequacies of the host device is that the investment is high. According to the comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages, the most widely used is the roller mill system.
Ironmaking blast furnace gas through a longer pipeline lead to the the stove system and heat generated by combustion gases enters the mill to play the role of the drying and conveying of the material into the mill, the furnace gas may vary depending on the requirements of the wind temperature adjustment, the grinding gas through the precipitator after purification is discharged into the atmosphere by the system fan. This is the first time that the blast furnace gas is used as drying heat source, it is capable of regulating, cleaning the environment, less area and energy conservation.
In the system, in addition to the designed three iron devices. The system uses the centralized control of the computer to monitor all device parameters and process parameters and implements  the chain of protection. The control room is also equipped with the television, which can monitor  the key parts of the key parts on-site to reduce the accident rate.

Rotary kiln :
convery belt :

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