Several Kinds of Grinding Operations

The dissociative grinding. The main purpose of such grinding is to achieve full monomer dissociation between the useful minerals in the ore and gangue minerals and granularity can meet the subsequent job requirements. The grinding ores include the metal ore and non-metallic ores beneficiation before grinding and other such grinding. The fully monomer dissociation between the useful minerals and gangue minerals as well as the useful minerals is the prerequisite of the mineral separation. Various beneficiation methods will be limited by particle size, therefore, the full monomer dissociation between useful minerals and gangue minerals is necessary. Dissociation grinding process belongs to the preparatory job, however, the quality of the ground product has a great impact on the technical and economic indicators of the subsequent operations. Dissociation grinding occupies a very important position in modern mineral engineering, it handles the largest mineral aggregate.
Crushing grinding, such kind of grinding regards the crushing of the ore material as the purpose or even to crush as fine as possible. For example, if the cement clinker in the cement plant is grinded more fine, the speed of the cement hydration will be faster and the quality will be higher. In the thermal power plant, more fine pulverized coal is injected into the combustion chamber, the combustion will be full. Pesticides and chemical raw materials also belong to be such kind of grinding ores. Crushing grinding is often the ultimate mineral processing operations, and its products are the final product of the processing of minerals. Such ore grinding process also has great processing capacity, it is only second to the dissociation grinding.
Scrub resistance grinding. The purpose of such grinding is neither the dissociation minerals, nor the crushing of the mineral aggregate, but in order to make the mineral particles fully expose fresh surface, in order to facilitate the adhesive bonding and get good bond quality. In this kind of grinding, excessive grinding is harmful, slimes will affect the product quality and the strength of the ores will also be reducced after suffering excessive impact. Therefore, to reduce excessive grinding as far as possible is the basic requirements of such grinding.

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